The Fable∙like Nature∙Archive

Det Fabel∙Agtige Natur∙Arkiv

The Fable∙like Nature∙Archive has its roots in my childhood.

My dad used to smoke cigars so I had access to nice cigar boxes that I could fill with treasures found in nature. I never stopped collecting and my stuff has grown out of the cigar boxe size. Many shelfs and rooms are filled with really good stuff. Being a “nature-thing-finder” has learned me to truly see, to enjoy shapes, color, contrast, texture and so on. This has led me directly to expressing nature by photography, printmaking, drawing and mixing it all together.And as a trained biology teacher I have studied natural history, meaning that I have a reflex to sort things by scientifically systems.Combining all that, in an artistic manner, makes a lot of fun and opens to connect with living nature in a different way.

The Fable∙like Nature∙Archive consists of boxes (from The National Museum of Denmark) composed of findings and paperwork of different kind. Of course there also is an archive box with cards with all the necessary information.  

And here is a small selection of The Fable∙like Nature∙Archive: